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Bread Ration
Real Pork Crackling "Torreznos"
Tomato nº 38
Roostiq Caprese
Kale Caesar Salad with Chicken Roostiq
Oysters Gillardeau nº 2 (ud.)
Anchovies Santoña (unit)
Veal Carpaccio
Red Tuna Tartare
Red Tuna Tartare w/ Imperial Caviar
Acorn-fed Loin “Lomito”
Acorn fed Loin
Acorn-fed Salami
Assortment: Loin, Chorizo, Salchichón
Organic Vegetables, Eggs and Fire
Baby Spinach w/ Eggs and Bacon
Wood-Fired Confit Artichokes (3 units)
Brown rice with vegetables to the flame
Confit Sweet Red Peppers "Piquillo"
Sauteed Chard
Grilled Confit Leeks
Sauteed Green Chili Peppers "Piparras" (Spicy)
Potato Omelette with Truffle
Sauteed Pine Porcini Mushrooms w/ Yolk Egg
Eggs & Caviar (Fried eggs with lace, chips and caviar)
We cannot live without Pizza
Margarita pizza
Summer Margarita Pizza, (Tomato 38, parmesan, burrata and pesto)
Fresh Burrata and Cherry Pizza
Portobello Pizza (with spring onion and truffled pecorino)
Pizza Guanciale (with chives and sage)
Beef Enchilada Pizza
Roostiq Pizza with Iberian Ham, Burrata and Truffle
Pizza Acorn Pepperoni
Pizza Colmenillas (with Comté 16 months and burrata)
Torreznos calzone (with sage)
Truffled Ham Calzone (with Comté 16 months)
**Truffle Supplement
Free-Range Chicken
Roostiq Chicken (deboned thight)
Roostiq Chicken Wings with Yakiniku Sauce
Grilled chicken breast with quinoa and avocado
1,2 Kg Grilled Porterhouse (77€ / Kg.)
1,5 Kg Grilled Porterhouse (Roostiq Selection) (99€ / Kg.)
Wagyu Steak (500gr.)
Entrecote Steak (500gr.)
“Picaña” Steak (250gr.)
Wood-Fired Tenderloin w/ Butter Sauce (200gr.)
Iberian Pork Loin "Pluma" (250gr.)
Iberian Pork Sirloin "Secreto" (250gr.)
Confit Sweet Red Peppers
French Fries
Flamed Vegetables
Truffled Mashed Potato
Fish and Seafood
Wood-Fired Grilled Whole Turbot (€ / Kg.)
Flamed Clams
Baked Salmon Fillet w/ Cherry Tomatoes and Green Pesto
Cheesecake with Whipped Cream and Amaretto Liqueur
Grilled Airplane Pineapple and English Cream with Coconut Ice Cream (Preparation Time 15 min.)
Apple Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream and English Cream
Lemon Tart with Meringue and Limoncello
Artisan ice cream with caramel 2 units (Pistachio Nougat Cinnamon Vanilla Coconut Coffee Lemon Chocolate)
Valrhona Brownie, Dulce de Leche and Vanilla Ice Cream

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